Real-time, Real Value: RTLS in the Retail Environment

When we talk about real-time location system (RTLS) technology, we’re often referring to locating used for emergency management and security. RTLS enables real-time location updates and communication with mobile users within a facility without the use of an existing app or software. But RTLS technology can be used in a variety of other applications, and none is more relevant at this time of the year than within the retail industry.

November and December are the busiest shopping months of the year, forcing retailers to pay increased attention to trends, merchandise and customer service while maintaining a safe and enticing environment. A rise in business may make meeting demands — both product and safety — challenging, but RTLS technology can be used to help streamline operations and enhance intelligence.

RTLS technology makes it easy for users to identify, locate and interact with individuals within a facility, to empower retailers to engage with customers on their mobile devices in real-time. Automated alerts can identify new customers or even inform staff of the location of the retailer’s most loyal customers. When combined with visitor analytics, retailers can build a clear profile to understand customer traffic.

As smartphones have become increasingly prominent in society, in-store shopping has transformed into a digital experience, where customers are frequently using their cell phones to search for information about a product while walking through the aisles. RTLS technology capitalizes on this trend, boosting a retailer’s marketing efforts by sending up-to-date alerts about in-store specials or discounts. These promotions can be communicated to customers on a regular basis, contributing to increased advertising and sales.

The possibility for retail shrinkage is also elevated during the holiday season, as theft and fraud are likely to become more prominent and more laborious to mitigate due to an uptick of traffic in stores. Asset protection and tracking with RTLS technology allows retailers to account for all assets on the IT infrastructure through zone-based alerts and inventory reporting.

While these final days of the year can be stressful for those in the retail industry, RTLS technology can help ease the burden by providing a comprehensive and simple solution for effectively monitoring customer and asset activity. Discover how to manage visitors through seamless communication and audit trails, and see how analytics and reporting can capture, analyze and maintain rich and robust data sets, enabling retailers to gain insights into customer behavior never before available.

Addressing Visitor Management and Emergency Response in Education

With K-12 schools and colleges deep into another year of learning and activities, keeping students safe is a top priority for school security officials. As these facilities increasingly become targets for threats and attacks, they face the challenge of maintaining a welcoming and open environment while ensuring the comprehensive safety of the students, teachers and staff.

Recent high-profile tragedies have only emphasized the need for educational facilities to maintain an effective and thorough security system and a coordinated incident management plan. Two common school safety issues must be addressed for schools and colleges to achieve this goal.

The first security problem facing schools is incomplete and unsafe visitor management systems. The gap must be bridged between freely allowing parents and visitors into a school and properly monitoring unknown guests. There’s a false sense of security in most schools today, where visitors are only checked against a sex offender database and no other information is received. Additionally, some schools don’t have check-ins at every entrance, allowing unidentified visitors to walk directly to where students are located. Most schools also do not require a check out policy, allowing visitors to stay on campus unaccounted for.

To create a stricter and more comprehensive visitor management system than can easily save lives, schools must set up geofences around the campus. These virtual geographic boundaries can be integrated with other access control technology to use mobile devices to easily identify individuals entering and exiting. Geofences can also create immediate alerts when a known inappropriate individual has entered the predetermined area.

The second issue that can be exposed during school emergencies is an unorganized incident response plan. There are many moving pieces involved in responding to an emergency, and although most schools have a plan ready, it is almost always in hard copy format and therefore not utilized, oftentimes causing the situation to become chaotic. First responders often arrive on the scene without knowing where exactly on campus the incident is occurring or what areas need to be blocked off.

The key to developing an efficient response plan revolves around real-time communication. The message that goes out to students, parents and first responders must be immediate and informative. Real-time location system (RTLS) technology allows first responders to see into an event as it unfolds and gives educators and administrators the ability to communicate to first responders and parents with real-time information and updates.

VuTeur’s Internal Real-time Intelligence Software (IRIS) takes security for education to the next level by incorporating geofencing, a complete visitor management system and RTLS two-way communication that can easily be integrated with existing technology, such as access control systems, to keep schools and colleges secure. VuTeur’s main focus is making a school’s existing visitor management system and response protocol real-time and properly identifying and authorizing unknown individuals on the campus.

The technology integration process with VuTeur is simple: after an initial assessment with a school and communication with an IT director, VuTeur’s technology can then be integrated and layered on to the school’s existing infrastructure. All of the school’s other security technology, such as surveillance cameras, can then be pulled together into one dashboard and controlled on a smart device or laptop.

VuTeur’s Emergency Management and Asset Protection solution will be on display at the Campus Security & Life Safety Summit 2017 Nov. 1 in Dallas, Texas. The one-day event will give security and safety campus and education officials the opportunity to learn about new solutions and technologies for campus security, emergency response and management, and public and life safety. Come see how VuTeur’s technology keeps students and staff in an educational facility safe by enhancing situational awareness during an emergency.

VuTeur to Attend F.M. Valenti, Inc.’s 50th Anniversary Roadshow Oct. 24-26

We’re greatly looking forward to attending F.M. Valenti, Inc.’s 50th Anniversary Roadshow Oct. 24-26! F.M. Valenti is celebrating 50 years in business by traveling across the region, showcasing the latest technologies and innovations from top manufacturers in the pro audio/video, enterprise and security industries. We are proud to have the opportunity to celebrate alongside this experienced industry team!

In Teaneck, N.J., on Oct. 24, North Haven, C.T., on Oct. 25 and Wakefield, M.A., on Oct. 26, VuTeur’s Emergency Management and Asset Protection Solution will be on display among the many tabletop exhibits, live demonstrations, and informative seminars. Attendees can view VuTeur’s proprietary technology, IRIS (Internal Real-time Intelligence Software), which enhances emergency management through Real-time Location System (RTLS), two-way communication and analytics in coordination with existing physical security systems including access control, video surveillance, intercoms, intrusion detection and more.

IRIS technology is critical to the security of the future as there has become a more significant need among organizations and campuses for situational awareness; security officials must be able to not only know who is in a building at all times but also communicate in real-time to all the individuals in the area.

VuTeur’s technology positions a campus for optimal observation to protect their most significant assets: people. At the Roadshow, VuTeur will demonstrate how its system can help identify an individual who has breached a secure location and speed up the response time to lock down a campus in the event of an emergency. Additionally, VuTeur’s technology enables the communication process between stakeholders and first responders to be quicker and more efficient.

F.M. Valenti, Inc. is a premier manufacturer’s representative company covering the Northeastern part of the United States, from Maine to New Jersey. For the last 50 years, it has covered this region in the security, professional audio visual and network infrastructure markets. F.M. Valenti focuses on working with dealers, distributors, end users and A&E’s using its technical capabilities and “feet on the street” strategy.

For more information about the show and to register, click here.


Securing Healthcare Facilities with RTLS and Emergency Management

Although most hospitals and healthcare facilities are designed to make patients feel safe – through round-the-clock care, attentive nurses and doctors, set visiting hours, etc. – these locations often become vulnerable targets when it comes to natural disasters, senseless attacks or intruders.

The vast and spacious layout of most healthcare facilities, combined with the large number of staff, patients and visitors roaming the halls, creates an environment that can be difficult to comprehensively secure. Add in additional moving parts, such as mobile medical equipment, and it becomes clear that effective visitor management and an efficient incident management plan are critical components of quality healthcare security.

When in the hospital for an injury or illness, people often seek comfort in their family and friends. Allowing visitors onto the premises and into private rooms is desirable and appreciated by patients, but must be done in a safe manner. Check-ins should be required at every entrance, and the proper identification should be required for access into protected areas.

Should an attacker make it into a healthcare facility, an emergency preparedness plan is essential. Advancements in technology have allowed healthcare security officials the option to utilize what matters most in emergency response: real-time updates. Real-time location system (RTLS) technology is used to identify and track the location of objects or people in real time, and has the ability to read wireless devices automatically and continuously, maintaining a strong connection despite the device’s location or movement.

When an emergency occurs, this technology can act as a two-way communication tool: first, by letting a mobile user know there’s an incident in progress and giving directions, such as “stay where you are,” and second, by allowing the mobile user to let the healthcare facility know they’re safe and accounted for during the incident. RTLS allows healthcare security officials to reach every individual within the predetermined area, which can span across floors and buildings.

Additionally, to save on time spent searching for medical equipment during or after an emergency, RTLS technology can be used to track and time stamp the progress of people or assets in a facility. The average hospital can accrue up to $4,000 per day in lost wages due to time spent searching for mobile medical equipment, and that’s just on a normal day; a natural disaster or intrusion could wreak havoc on hospital medical equipment that isn’t properly accounted for.

VuTeur’s Internal Real-time Intelligence Software (IRIS) is ideal for healthcare facilities because it combines the critical RTLS technology with two-way communication and analytics, and coordinates with existing physical security systems such as access control and video surveillance cameras. The Asset Protection platform allows users to identify all hardware assets on the IT infrastructure, and Emergency Management platform enables quick and seamless communication between healthcare security officials and first responders.

Top Four Ways to Experience VuTeur at ASIS 2017

The VuTeur team is thrilled to attend the 2017 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits, Sept. 25-28, at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Center in Dallas, Texas! Get ready to experience VuTeur in a number of capacities:

  1. At Booth #933 with our partner Vistacom. Stop by to see the latest trends in incident response in action. Our proprietary technology, IRIS (Internal Real-time Intelligence Software), will be on display. IRIS advances the security industry by using Real-time Location System (RTLS) technology, two-way communication and analytics in coordination with existing physical security systems including access control, video surveillance, intercoms, intrusion detection, emergency management systems and more.
  2. At a breakfast and learn. On Sept. 26 at 8:30 a.m., join us along with Vistacom for a roundtable discussion, “Using Critical Data to Enhance Situational Awareness,” at the Westin Downtown Dallas before the show floor opens for the day. Panelists include Kyle Berger, Chief Technology Officer for Grapevine-Coley Independent School District, Chris Mashburn, CEO of Capitol Security Solutions and Vice President of Law Enforcement and Government Affairs for VuTeur, and Dan Gundry, Control Room Specialist, Vistacom. Moderated by Rob Hile, General Manager, Securadyne Systems, the panelists will explore how today’s incident management is changing and discuss best practices for handling critical information to create a more comprehensive operational picture and support an improved response. Register now, space is limited!
  3. At an ice cream social. We want to reward you for a hard first day of walking at ASIS! On Sept. 26 at 3:30 p.m. at our booth (#933), we will host an old-fashioned ice cream social to celebrate the end of day one. Registration is free and open now!
  4. As a New Product of the Year Award winner. Our Emergency Management and Asset Protection Platform won a 2017 New Product of the Year Award from Security TodayMagazine in the Emergency Communications Systems category! The independently juried award program honors the outstanding product development achievements of security equipment manufacturers whose products are considered particularly noteworthy in their ability to improve security.

Schedule a one-on-one demo or meeting with the VuTuer team during the show by clicking here. We’re looking forward to the show and we hope to see you there!


VuTeur Partners with Vistacom to Strengthen Control Room Solutions for Customers

Austin, Texas, Sept. 14, 2017 – VuTeur, an innovator in emergency management and business intelligence platforms, announced today a new strategic partnership with Vistacom, Inc., a leading provider of integrated control room solutions. The companies will collaborate on the delivery of unified, intelligent communications platforms designed to help organizations respond more efficiently to an emergency.

Vistacom, Inc., will bring VuTeur’s emergency management and asset protection software into its robust solutions portfolio to offer more options for customers looking to integrate advanced communications tools within their organization.

Vistacom, Inc., incorporates technologies together that assimilate independent and critical data across video walls, control rooms, war rooms, training rooms and other command center locales.The addition of VuTeur’s software platform will help provide the situational awareness necessary for improved response time, reliability and decision-making in mission-critical applications. The two companies will work together to deliver more options to Vistacom’s current customer base within the security, utility, transportation, healthcare, government, entertainment, and other markets.

The VuTeur platform is ideally suited for use in control rooms to assess and manage emerging incidents and is designed to provide the location and status on all individuals inside a building. It uses real-time location system (RTLS) technology embedded within modern mobile and smart devices to power two-way communication between individuals during an incident or event. VuTeur uses existing Wi-Fi connectivity to communicate directly with mobile users within a facility, allowing a user’s location to be visualized on a map of the facility and reported to operators and responders.

“Our goal is to provide customers with solutions that help unify communications across platforms to deliver comprehensive security coverage when and where it’s needed most,” said Dan Gundry, National Control Room Sales Manager, Vistacom, Inc.. “Incorporating VuTeur’s incident management and asset protection technology into our product offering allows us to offer customers a more robust emergency response solution for a variety of applications.”

“With Vistacom, we gain a strong partner in the control room and unified communications industry that will provide more incident response options to a growing market,” said Jana Rankin, CEO, VuTeur. “As we continue to expand VuTeur’s capabilities and integrate our technology, partners like Vistacom that share our passion for helping customers enhance safety measures are critical to our continued success.”

VuTuer and Vistacom, Inc. will showcase their solutions together at Booth #933 during the 2017 ASIS International Seminar and Exhibits being held Sept. 25-28, in Dallas. The two companies will also host a breakfast-and-learn panel discussion, “Using Critical Data to Enhance Situational Awareness,” at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Sept. 26, at the Westin Dallas Downtown, to explore how today’s incident management is changing and discuss best practices for handling critical information to create a more comprehensive operational picture and support an improved response. Click here to register or schedule a one-on-one meeting during the show.

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