Introducing: VuTeur

As the world of security technology evolves, so too do we, and in an effort to truly communicate the value that we have to offer, we are excited to announce that, we’ve changed the name of our company to VuTeur! Co-Founder and CEO Jana Rankin answered a few questions about the update:

Q: Why the change?

A: We’ve chosen to broaden the vision of the company based on the advancement of the Internet of Things and the growing need for emerging technologies to better address safety and emergency incidents. We are focused on expanding our solutions and market penetration as we look into the future of security management. Our Internal Real-Time Intelligence (IRIS) software will continue to provide two-way communication and analytics in coordination with existing physical security systems, but the opportunity to expand exists with regard to improving additional facets of enterprise business operations, such as day-to-day organizational communication and marketing messaging techniques.

Q: How do I pronounce the new name?

A: VuTeur sounds just like “future” with a “V” instead of an “F”: VIEW-CHURE.

Q: Is anything else changing?

A: Only in that this new brand allows our company to grow even further. Otherwise no, the company will continue to operate in its current structure; the technology/product line, staff and ownership will all remain the same.

Q: How can I get more information?

A: The company’s new website address is VuTeur’s new Twitter handle is @Vu_Teur, and VuTeur’s new LinkedIn page can be found here. The company’s address and phone number remain the same: 2028 E. Ben White Blvd., Suite 240-2048, Austin, TX 78741 and 800.217.1204. For general information inquiries, contact

We look forward to embracing this transition as it enables us to refine our strategy and public persona to best meet the needs of our target markets.




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