SecurityInfoWatch: Improved Visitor Management Needed in Schools Nationwide, Experts Say


Last week’s murder-suicide at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino, Calif., which claimed the lives of a teacher and a student, was a grim reminder that no organization is immune from the threats posed by workplace violence. For years, security practitioners have warned about the potential dangers of domestic violence spilling over into the workplace and this shooting, which also resulted in another student being wounded, is a prime example of the catastrophic consequences resulting from such a situation. What’s more, school security experts say this most recent tragedy should spur more districts across the country to review their visitor management procedures and make changes where necessary.

PinPoint Initiative’s Chris Mashburn sits down with SecurityInfoWatch Editor Joel Griffin to discuss how schools today can work toward implementing sweeping changes to keep students and teachers safe.

Read the full article on SecurityInfoWatch. 

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